I'm not a writer but I have something to say. My words are going to introduce elements of an amazing man. I will feature his work for you to see and read and hear.

Robert and I have been friends almost all of our lives. He once wrote, "I think I was born in love with Carol Riehl. How fortunate it was that the Fates accomplished the coincidence of our meeting at an early age and saved me the life-long trial of searching for her." We have been friends for over sixty years and during this long life together we have experienced much joy and happiness. As in all lives, there have also been very difficult times. We married, divorced, and remarried. Through it all, though, we have always liked and loved each other.

He is a man of words and would be the best one to write this, but he never would. He is a man of poetry, but you won't see the beauty of his poems in any journals. He is a man of music, but you won't hear him on the radio or see him perform at the end of a late-night talk show. He is a man of great humor, but only a few have had the privilege of sitting down with him and laughing until tears flow. He is a sensitive man of great compassion, and many have benefitted from this, many who did not even know it. My purpose is to present my best friend as a man, an artist, a human being worth knowing.

Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols
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